Exhibitors information

    We believe that games transform humanity. They inspire our minds, entertain our spirits, and allow us to establish a sense of camaraderie among fellow gamers. We believe a group of college students can bring fun, excitement, inspiration, and friendship to the world. So we run a convention once a year, called BASHCon. We look for excellent exhibitors and artists from across the country to showcase items that entertain many people, that inspire the imaginations of children and adults alike, and promote the BASHCon Dream: bringing gaming, and fantastic culture, to the masses. Join us for our 32nd  anniversary and reach an audience of 1,000 fantasy-lovers and merry-makers at BASHCon.
Exhibiting Information
    BASHCon draws about 1,000 attendees annually, the majority of whom are avid gamers and geek culture lovers. Among the many fantastic events, BASHCon also features a full-service trade room floor, populated by dealers and artists for our attendees' shopping leisure. Reserving space in our Exhibitors' Hall is an excellent way to get your products and services directly to our unique demographic and promote your business.
Deadlines and Early Bird Discounts
Exhibitors who completely register by submitting accurate paperwork and full payment by the Early Bird Discount Deadline of November 30th, 2016 receive discounts on their space as outlined below. The Final deadline for registration is 5 p.m. on, February 3rd, 2017.
Meeting the deadline grants you the following:
● guaranteed inclusion in the convention guide,
● guarantee of all requested amenities*,
● one Exhibitor Legacy Point for your party, and
● priority over exhibitors who do not meet the deadline.
In addition, we reserve the right to charge a $40-per-space fee for late payments which must be paid before the final late payment deadline of noon on the first day of the convention.
If you are in need of financial assistance, we offer a confidential installment payment plan. Simply contact our exhibitors department coordinator by email at exhibitors@bashcon.com and we'll get the dice rolling.
* excepting linear and wall spaces, which are assigned on a priority basis according to Legacy Points.
Convention Guide Listing
    All exhibitors will be listed in our convention guide with a description of the wares or services available as provided by the exhibitor. We reserve the right to edit these descriptions for content, clarity, and length. Submitting an accurate description is mandatory.
By default, exhibitor listings are text-only. For logo inclusion, please contact our sales department coordinator at sales@bashcon.com.

Packages and Rates

Table Amount
Early Bird Price
Standard Price
Late Price





Deadline End dates
November 30th, 2016
January 15th, 2017
February 3rd, 2017

Limit 4* spaces. Due to the high demand for exhibitor spaces.
All exhibition packages come with the following:
● 8' x 8' square spaces
● Loan of one standard 8' x 2.5' table per space
● Loan of chairs
● Exhibitor description in program guide
At least 1 “helper” per table space would be politely observed this is a loose guide but we would discourage more than 2 badges given to those not directly part of the business whom purchased the tables.
Some spaces, especially those from larger orders, may include corner spaces to allow room for other exhibitors to have space in Exhibitors' Hall. We cannot satisfy every request we receive for linear spaces or space against a wall. This is assumed to be normal for every convention, and therefore it is to be expected. We assume that those who need space against a wall have their own resources, including temporary walls and self-standing display racks, because of the nature of what they sell. We will confirm with you whether you will have a wall space well before the convention. Exhibitors with more Legacy Points and who register on time take priority when determining wall placement.
Fair Competition Policy
    Due to the increasing number of competing exhibitors with similar wares, we will notify you if another exhibitor who may sell similar products to yours registers. If you wish to withdraw from Exhibitors' Hall after such notification, the refund rules from the agreement apply.

Exhibitor Legacy Program
    This program aims to provide fair placement priority service to exhibitors who have been with us in previous years. Each year an exhibitor attends BASHCon and remains in good standing with us, they will earn one Legacy Point. The exhibitors with the most LP will be given the highest priority in terms of placement within Exhibitors' Hall. (However, please note that failure to completely register on time may impact your placement regardless of your Legacy status.)
To apply for retroactive Legacy Points, please visit the Exhibitor Information section of BASHCon.com.
Artist Alley 
    BASHCon is happy to announce that we will be having an dedicated space in our hall for our friends in the arts community. We would like to welcome anyone that fits our qualifications to apply for our artists alley. (qualifications will be released on our website on a later date.)

Early Bird Price
Standard Price
Late Price

One Day


Deadline End Dates
November 30th, 2016
January 15th, 2017
February 19th, 2017

● 4' x 4' square spaces
● Loan of one half standard 8' x 2.5' table
● Loan of chairs
    Tables space will be shared by artists, each artist is only allowed to have one space, requests to be placed next to other artists will be processed if application is filed before the end of the “STANDARD PRICE” deadline. Table space will be labeled and artists can set up at anytime during the convention hours including the unloading time.
Unloading, Reloading, and Exhibitors' Hall Hours
    BASHCon volunteers will be on-site and available to help with the unloading and reloading of exhibitor wares before and after the convention, as detailed below. Please note that BASHCon, UT-BASH, and/or its volunteers cannot be held liable for damage or losses to persons or property during the unloading/reloading of exhibitor wares.
Hours of operation for this year's Exhibitors' Hall are listed below * ; please be prepared to staff your space during these hours.


Friday 17th
Saturday 18th
Sunday 19th

5pm - Midnight
9am - Midnight
9am - 7pm

Exhibitors' Hall
5pm - 8pm
10am - 8pm
10am - 4pm

12pm - 4pm

4pm - 7pm

11 - noon
11am - noon
11am - noon

Locating the Convention Center
    BASHCon is held in the University of Toledo Student Union:
UT Student Union
2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, OH 43606
Application for Space in Exhibitors' Hall
    This is not a guarantee of space. Exhibitor spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis after taking Legacy Points into consideration. UT-BASH reserves the right to refuse space to any party. To apply for space, fill out the form below in its entirety and mail to:
BASHCon 32
UT Student Union 1503
2801 W Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606
Payment may be submitted by check or money order to the above address. Exhibitors who complete theirregistration by November 30th 2016 qualify for the Early Bird Discount. Cash payment may be made in-person at the UT-BASH office by appointment only .Please do not mail cash payment. UT-BASH cannot be held responsible for the secure delivery of cash sent via mail.
Please submit this application and your payment at the same time. We cannot process payment without a completed application, and we cannot process an application without payment. If you are in need of confidential financial assistance, please contact us by email at exhibitors@bashcon.com and we can set up an installment payment plan. 










Application Form
Exhibitor Organization Name:
Exhibitor Address:
Contact Person:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (________)____________________________
Number of spaces: __________
Names of people assisting Exhibitor during BASHCon32 (MAX of 5)
Brief description of what you sell so we can notify you about potential competitors:
(Note that failure to complete this section will void your registration.)
Please note below if you require any of the following for your spaces:
_____ Electricity ______ Display Over 5 Feet Tall
While we cannot guarantee that you will receive a space against a wall, we will try to honor your request for wall
space if you check here:
_____ wall space request
Please be sure to submit your exhibit description to exhibitors@bashcon.com for inclusion in our convention
Terms of Agreement
● "Exhibitor" means "a party that purchases at least one space".
● "Consumable Food Items" means "edible items not sold in sealed, prepackaged containers with all legally required
● "BASHCon" means "BASHCon 32, the 32nd annual gaming convention of the University of Toledo Benevolent Adventurers' Strategic Headquarters student organization".
● "Weekend Pass" means "a current and valid badge admitting one person for each day of the convention".
● "Payment Deadline" means "February 11, 2017".
● "Written" means "inscribed on paper or typed electronically" unless otherwise specified.
● "Exhibitors' Hall" means the area designated for exhibitor business with BASHCon attendees.
1. The Exhibitor will pay for a package of up to four (4) spaces as applied for at the rates described.
Table Amount    Early Bird Price    Standard Price    Late Price
1    100    125    150
2    185    235    285
3    270    345    420
4    300    400    500
Deadline End Dates    November 30th2016    January 15th2016    February 3rd2016
2. Each space will consist of space eight feet by eight feet (8' x 8') in area and one table, eight feet long by two-and-one-half feet wide (8' x 2.5'). Spaces are non-transferable and may not be sublet to another party. Spaces do not include tablecloths. The Exhibitor may bring tablecloths for spaces at BASHCon. BASHCon staff may give the Exhibitor a corner space if they deem such placement necessary to the running of the Exhibitors' Hall. The Exhibitor purchases space, not tables, which the Exhibitor borrows for the duration of BASHCon.
3. The Artists will pay for a package of one (1) space as applied for at the rates described.
Days    Early Bird Price    Standard Price    Late Price
One Day    25    30    45
Weekend    35    45    60
Deadline End Dates    November 30th2016    January 15th2016    February 19rth 2016
4. Each space will consist of space four feet by four feet (4' x 4') in area and one half table, eight feet long by two-and-one-half feet wide (8' x 2.5'). Spaces are non-transferable and may not be sublet to another party. Spaces do not include tablecloths. The Artists may bring tablecloths for spaces at BASHCon. BASHCon staff may give the Artist a corner space if they deem such placement necessary to the running of the Exhibitors' Hall. The Artist purchases space, not tables, which the Artist borrows for the duration of BASHCon.
3. The Exhibitor / Artist will receive a number of complimentary weekend / day passes equal to one plus the number of spaces purchased.
4. The sale of consumable food items is prohibited.
5. If the Exhibitor sells weapon replicas of any type, the Exhibitor must wrap and secure them for immediate removal from the convention by the purchaser. UT-BASH will not hold items; the Exhibitor may do so at their own discretion.
6. Once space is confirmed by UT-BASH, cancellation by the Exhibitor prior to the Payment Deadline will result in a handling fee of fifty percent (50%) of the original payment. Cancellation after the Payment Deadline or absence at BASHCon will result in a handling fee of one hundred percent (100%) of the original payment. UT-BASH reserves the right to cancel a registration of Exhibitor space prior to the convention with a full refund to the Exhibitor. If the Exhibitor violates any portion of these terms or any convention policies, the Exhibitor may be subject to ejection by UT-BASH from BASHCon with no refund.
7. Items left on-site by the Exhibitor and not claimed after ten (10) days will become the property of UT-BASH.
8. If the Exhibitor wishes to utilize BASHCon's loading assistance program, all materials to be moved must be sanitary and safe to handle. The Exhibitors Department coordinator reserves the right to refuse loading assistance service to any exhibitor who does not adhere to this policy.
9. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and release UT-BASH and The University of Toledo from any and all liability for loss, injury, or damages to person or property, even those arising from the negligence of UT-BASH and its affiliates.
I have read in full the BASHCon 32 Application for Space in Exhibitors' Hall. On behalf of my organization and its affiliates, I agree to abide by the Terms of Agreement and all BASHCon 32 convention policies established by UT-BASH. I also have the authority within (or permission of) my organization to make such an agreement.
Exhibitor Name:
Staffer Name: