Office of the Librarian

Welcome to the Office of the Librarian!

The librarian maintains the UT-BASH Collection, secures it from theft, sets borrowing policies and monitors borrowing. They're also in charge of transferring old records to the UT-BASH archive in the Canaday Center on a yearly basis. The librarian leads the annual "book buy" by soliciting suggestions from members, compiling a list of items and prices, and submitting that list for the executive board to consider.

Contrary to popular belief, the librarian can't charge you fines that will appear on your student bill, but they can make your life difficult by prohibiting you from borrowing or by placing your membership benefits on hold until you return or replace overdue items.

Jesse Filliere is the librarian for AY 2016-17. He does not have an assistant as of September 28, 2016.